The force that through
the green fuse
drives the flower
(Dylan Thomas)

Welcome to Platonics(tm) – The Home of the Om(tm).

From Love for ‘Self’, and Gratitude for ‘Self’ we exude Joy & Happiness to  all others.

Platonics(tm) is the study of ‘Self’:  It is through Loving our ‘Self’, and giving Gratitude to our ‘Self’ that we amass the inventory to be Gracious through Mercy upon the Souls of all Living Beings, or


Genetic Order(tm):  It is through Form & Matter  that HU-man Genetic Order takes place.

Genetic Expression is the Projection of this Manifestation.


Simple = 1 – 3 Dimension(s)

Self = 3 Dimensions

Cosmic = 13 Dimensions

Platonic = 4096 Dimensions

Quantum = 16,777,216 Dimensions

Stargate = ∞ Dimensions

“Power of Intention is the initial Genetic Expression

Change your Power of Intention and Change your Life

Be the Genetic Order you Intend.” ~ Ras Merkabah


Private: Hexahedron

Private: Octahedron

Private: Icosahedron

Private: Tetrahedron